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On April 17th, 2010 in San Diego at the Millenium Express Track and Field Meet in Mira Mesa, Alexxis Brown, age 8 jumped 10 feet, 11.5 inches.

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Nadia Evans, Auckland, New Zealand 4.23 metres (13 feet 10 1/2 inches)

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Q: What is the record in Long Jump for a Sub-Bantum or 8 year old girl?
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What is the record for the high jump for a 12 year old girl?

The record for a 12-year old girl is 5 feet, 6 inches.

What is the world record in the long jump for an 8 year old girl?

tierra crockrell 13 feet 9 inches

Who holds the world record for 8 year old girls in the long jump?

Probably this 8 year old girl I know

What is the record in the high jump for a 14 year old girl?

1,80 metres

What was the best girl in Bulgaria?

Stefka Kostadinova, won and have record in high jump for World and Olympic

How long can a girl jump rope?

30 seconds or more

How many feet should the average 13 year old girl jump in long jump?

the average is 4.00m that what i jump

What is long jump record for 12 year old boy?

I do not know but anywhere above 10 meters is exceptional for a 12 year old. I got 11 meters 26 when I was 12 and that was a new district record, by quite some way.Adding to the above, the Australian Little Athletics website gives a (2009) national record for a 12 year old girl as 12.09

What is the farthest long jump score by a 12 year old girl?

My friend's sister is almost twelve and she can jump 24 feet in triple jump - she got third place in her meet -its says long jump in the question

How high is a human being able to jump?

my mate can jump up to 2m high I've tried it with other kids but still the same height

Who holds the 8yr old girl long jump record?

Nadia Evans, Auckland, New Zealand 2013, 4.25 metres 13 feet 11 inches.

What is a world record a nine year old girl can beat?

how long does it take for the fastest nine year old girl in the world to run a mile