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Q: What is the record for the most home college basketball wins in a row?
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Who has the record for the most college basketball wins?

the celtics

Which college basketball confenence holds the record for sending the most teams to the 64?

The ACC.

Which player holds the record for most NCAA college basketball wins?

scott may

Who holds the record for Most blocks in a college basketball season?

David Robinson holds the record with 207 blocks in a season.

What is the NCAA record for most consecutive sellouts at a Division 1 college basketball game?


Most wins in college basketball and football?

All-Time College Basketball Team With Most Wins up til 08-09 season* University of Kentucky with a record of 1988 wins and 635 lossesAll-Time College Football Team With Most Wins 1869-2008* Michigan with a record of 872-295-36

Who has the record for most home runs in college baseball?


Who holds the record for most assists in a college basketball game in Tennessee university?

i believe it was Brett Favre

What team holds the record for most 3 pointers made in a college basketball game?

Shaquille O'Neal

Who holds record for most points scored in college basketball game?

Jeff teague of wake forest (2009)

Who is the current college basketball taem with most consecutive home wins?

Lee Hamilton h.s.

What is the college with the most NCAA basketball titles?

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill