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Q: What is the record for the most consecutive punts in an NFL game without a score?
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Cleveland Browns consecutive games with score touchdowns NFL record?

166, to be exact

What is the record for the most punts in a Super Bowl?

January 28, 2001 The most punts in a Super Bowl by one kicker is 11 punts from Brad Maynard of the N.Y. Giants, vs. Baltimore Ravens, XXXV The most total punts in a Super Bowl both teams combined is 21, N.Y. Giants vs. Baltimore. XXXV with 11 from Brad Maynard (N.Y.) and 10 from Kyle Richardson (Baltimore) Score of the game was.... Baltimore 34 Giants 7

Who score in 14 consecutive champions league season?

Raul, the spanish players is the player who holds the record for scoring in 14 consecutive seasons. He scored from 1996-97 to 2010-11.

How many in 3 score?

A "score" is 20 consecutive years in time. 3 "score" would be 60 consecutive years.

If you boweld 12 consecutive srikes What is the score?

300, a perfect score.

Is it possible to make someone score without ever swinging your bat in MLB baseball?

Yes, that would be possible with four consecutive walks where the batter did not swing at a pitch or four consecutive hit batters where the batter did not swing or a combination of the two.

What college football game had the least amount of points scored in it ever?

in 1950 the score was 9-3 with 47 punts. With awful weather

Who is the batsman to score two consecutive hundreds in IPL?

Manish Bansal

Who has the Most consecutive games with a score in major college football?


What is the maximum score possible in ten pin bowling?

max score is 300 that's 12 consecutive strikes in 1 game

Why did babe Ruth manager switch him to the outfield?

Bowled: 10 Total Score: 134 Average Score: 13 Consecutive Strikes: 2 Consecutive Spares: 1

What is the world record for bouncing a balloon?

it is 700 my friend just watched me nope read it and weep pal. 809...unofficial score. A.K.A. not checked by actual world record people. My son did it 813 times and he is 8 yrs. Old. Though not sure is was consecutive! that suks i did 2,042 me and my partner just did 2,104 each

Who is the only batsman to score two consecutive hundreds in IPL?

brandon m'cullam

How many consecutive strikes for a perfect score in 10 pin BOWLING?


What is the world record for boxhead?

1,000,000,000 which is my score

First Olympics world record?

Nadia Comaneci set a world record in the year 1984. Her record was being the first Olympian to score a perfect 10 out of 10 score in her event.

Who is the only batsman to score two consecutive hundreds in IPL-history?

Chris Gayle

Who is the only batsman to score two consecutive hundreds in IPL history?

Chris Gayle

How many points did will chamberlain score in his record breaking single match score?


Who is the first player to score consecutive centuries in two T20 matches?

No one has scored consecutive centuries in T-20 officially till today; 28th October, 2011.

Who is the batsman to score three consecutive centuries in one day cricket?

mark waugh(australia)

Who was the only batsman in the world to score 3 consecutive test centuries in his first 3 tests?

Mohammad azharuddin

How many goals did Arsenal score in their record 49 wins run?

Between 7-May-2003 and 24-Oct-2004, Arsenal remained unbeaten for an English record 49 consecutive league games, scoring 63 goals in 25 home matches and 49 goals in 24 away, for a total of 112 goals.

What is the current world record score for Mappy arcade game?

827,980 is the current record.

What is Alastair Cook's record score?

954 not out.