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Hutton,L from England faced the maximum number of balls in an innings of test cricket against Australia. He played 847 balls and scored 364 runs.

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Q: What is the record for the most balls faced in an innings in a test match?
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Which team has the record of Highest innings total in Twenty20 Match?

Sri Lanka has the record of Highest innings total in Twenty20 Match. It was against Kenya in Sep.2007.

How many balls has Martin faced in his 11 Match Test Career?

2 balls

Which team holds the record for the lowest innings total in test match?

Canada holds the record for the lowest innings total of 36 vs SriLanka in ODI.

Who faced the first ball of India's innings in 2011 world cup final match?

Virendra sehwag

How much balls faced for first run by Rahul Dravid in test match?


In a test wicket match what is the most innings a side can have?

In a test match a bteam can have only two innings.

Who has record for the most wickets in first over of an innings?

Chaminda Vaas.who took four wickets in a first over of the match.

How many innings are there in a rounders match?

Five innings constitute a game of rounders

How many balls bowled in cricket match with and without no ball?

there are 6 in 1 over then depending on the format of the game it will change the total amount in a match. In a test match the should be about 90 over per day so thats 540. In an ODI its 50 per innings so thats 300 and 600 per match. In a T20 there are 120 per innings and 240 per match.

How long is a baseball match?

9 innings

How many innings in a test match?

Maximum innings in a test match can be 4 ,2 innings for each side.....Minimum is 1 innings which is only possible if side batting first keeps on batting and does not declares,but this is very very rare to occur.....Usually 4 innings ,2 for each side are easily played and the match usually ends with a usually i.e win or loss of a particular side.

What scores were scored in the first international cricket match?

The first recorded international cricket match was played in 1876/77 in Melbourne. It was a match between England and Australia. Australia scored 245 in the first innings England scored 196 in the first innings Australia scored 104 in the second innings England scored 108 in the second innings Thus Australia won the match by 45 runs.

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