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Gary Player 29 wins including 9 Majors

This is WRONG for two reasons

Gary Player is South African (hint - Africa is a different continent)

He had 24 PGA tour wins

Tommy Armour (Scotland) has 25 PGA Tour wins

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Jack nicklaus

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jack nicklaus

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Q: What is the record for the most aces in a single round of golf?
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What is the lowest number of putts taken in a round of golf?

the fewest putts taken in a single round in the PGA is 18 putts. A record shared by several golfers.

What is the game of golf usually referred to as?

Golf. But a single game of golf is usually referred to as a round.

What name is given to a 13 over par round of golf?

honestly i would have to say that that is not a bad round of golf unless you are a like single digit handicapper then that is a very very crappy round...

What does - mean in golf?

The - in golf means under par, which is taking less shots than allotted for whether it be a single hole, a series of holes, or an entire round.

What is the lowest number of putts in a round of golf?

The PGA Tour record is 18 putts for 18 holes, held by several players.

What Does a Round of Gulf consist of?

It is a round of golf. It consists of playing 18 holes of golf.

When is golf season in california?

Golf is year round. There is no season.

Has anyone shot five under par in golf?

Yes the PGA record for lowest score in one round is 13 under or a score of 59.

Are Miami golf packages available year-round?

Miami golf packages are available year-round for many of the courses. You will have to search the specific golf club you are interested in and find out what the pricing is for a year-round package.

What by means of 'start a round of golf'?

A round of golf is simply started when a player hits their tee shot on the first hole.

What do you call a 19Th hole in golf?

The 19th hole can be the first playoff hole after a round of golf, but it is another name for the bar after the round.

How many strokes in a round of golf?

I guess 3 or less strokes in golf.