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Loyola Marymount scored 186 points against US International on 01/05/91. US International scored 140 points, led by Kevin Bradshaw with 72 points. Loyola Marymount, led by Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble, also scored 181 points on 01/31/89 against US International. The all-division NCAA record is held by Troy State in 1992 when they were still a Division Two school. Troy scored 258 points in one game against DeVry of Georgia on 01/12/92. Score was 258 to 141. Troy State made 102 field goals (51 three-pointers) in 190 attempts.

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The most points in a collage Basketball game is 3 points....!

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Q: What is the record for team points in an NCAA basketball game?
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