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The most carries in a single season in Division I was 450 by Kevin Smith from UCF in 2007.

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2008-10-27 23:56:31
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Q: What is the record for most rushing attempts in a single season for NCAA Division I college football?
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Who has the most college rushing yards ever in division 1 football?

Ron Dayne

Who holds the college football single game rushing record?

Dante Brown for any division LaDainian Tomlinson for Division I

How many rushing attempts did Emmit Smith have in his football career?

In the NFL: 4,409 In college: exactly 700 He also had 56 receptions in college, and 515 in the NFL.

Who holds the record for rushing yards in football?

As of the 2007 season: In the NFL, the record for career rushing yards is held by Emmitt Smith with 18,355. In college football, the Division 1-A record for career rushing yards is held by Ron Dayne with 6,397.

What does the term team rushing attempts such as North Carolina State currently has mean in college football In NCS vs SC there were 3 rushing attempts not charged to individual runners but to team?

It's just how many times total a team has run the ball.

Are sacks in college football passing or rushing?

Yes, sacks count against rushing stats.

What division 1 college has the most rushing yards ever?


Who has the most rushing yards in college football history?

Barry sanders

Who has the most rushing yards in a season of college football?

Barry Sanders

Who is the all time leading rusher college football history?

As of the December 17, 2008, the NCAA all-division career rushing leader is Nate Kmic of Division III Mount Union with 7,986 yards. The Division I (Bowl Subdivision) career rushing leader is Ron Dayne of Wisconsin with 6,397 yards.The Division I (Championship Subdivision) career rushing leader is Adrian Peterson of Georgia Southern with 6,559 yards.The Division II career rushing leader is Danny Woodhead of Chadron State (Nebraska) with 7,871 yards.

Which college football quarterback has the most rushing yards in a season?

denard robinson

Who in college football has the most 100 yard rushing games?

hershall walker

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