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Q: What is the record for most pitches thrown in one half inning of a baseball game?
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How many pitches were thrown in the shortest nine inning baseball game?


Has any pitcher throw the minimum pitches in baseball history?

No pitcher in baseball history has ever thrown the minimum of 27 pitches in a 9 inning game.

What is the least number of pitches thrown in an inning of a major league baseball game?

Actually itโ€™s one.

What is the most pitches thrown in a baseball game?

I once threw 223 in a 10 inning game I once threw 223 in a 10 inning game

How many pitches are there in baseball?

There is no limit to how many pitches can be thrown in a game.

What pitcher has pitched a perfect game of only 27 pitches?

In the history of Baseball, as of the 2012 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, 21 perfect games ("27 up, 27 down") have been thrown - 19 of which have been thrown in the Modern Era. Of these 21 perfect games thrown, none has been pitched with only 27 pitches being thrown. On record, the fewest pitches thrown in a perfect game was 74 pitches thrown by Addie Joss of the Cleveland Naps against the Chicago White Sox on October 2, 1908.

What is The record for the fewest pitches thrown in a 9 inning game?

Pitch counts are spotty at best prior to the 1990s, but the record as far as we know is 74, by the Rockies' Aaron Cook on 7/25/07

What is the most pitches thrown to a batter in one inning?

in 1993 tanner regez threw 12 pitches to jimmy regez his brother.

Most pitches thrown to one batter?

Shortstop Rickey Gutierrez holds the record for most pitches seen in an at-bat. The amount of pitches was 20 total.

How many inning can a college pitcher pitch in week?

Depends on how many pitches are thrown

How many pitches in each inning?

There are no set number of pitches in each inning. The absolute shortest number of pitches that could be pitched in one inning is 6, with 3 outs per half-inning, assuming each batter swung at the first pitch resulting in an out. I don't know the most pitches that have been thrown in one inning. I have watched games where a pitcher (or multiple pitchers) have thrown forty or more pitches in one half-inning alone. Until 3 outs have been recorded, a pitcher will continue pitching to batters. If a batter steps into the batters box with an illegal bat, he is immediately called out. If three batters on each team did this, you could have zero pitches thrown in an inning.

Most pitches thrown in one inning?

61, by Steve trachsel or however you spell it, he was on the cubs when this happened

Most pitches thrown in a game?

683 pitches is the most thrown a pitcher lol

When was the longest inning in Major League Baseball?

The longest inning in Major League Baseball was the 10th inning that was played on May 8, 2004 between the Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers with the game being played in Arlington, Texas. The inning lasted one hour and 8 innings and included a total of 110 pitches thrown and 18 runs.

What is the average number of pitches thrown by the starting pitcher in a major league baseball game?


What s the farthest thrown baseball on record?

430 feet

What pitcher holds the record for the least amount of pitches thrown in a major league game?

In 1944, Charley "Red" Barrett of the Boston Braves threw only FIFTY-EIGHT pitches during a nine inning complete game. Barrett's Braves shutout the Reds 2 - 0 and the game set major league records for least number of pitches known to have been thrown by a single pitcher in a complete game and shortest game played at night.

What is the average pitches thrown by one pitcher in 9 innings?

a picher will throw roughly 120 piches in a 9 inning outing.

How many inaugural first pitches have been thrown by Presidents?

Including the 2008 season, there have been 48 Presidential 1st pitches thrown out.

How many pitches per ball in a major league baseball game?

One pitch, if thrown outside of the strike zone is one ball in baseball. Four pitches thrown outside of the strike zone during the course of one at-bat equals a walk, also referred to as a base-on-balls (BB)

How many pitches can a batter take without swinging his bat?

5 5 is incorrect 3-2 count is 5 pitches then a 3rd strike would make the total number possible 6 The correct answer is 11. 3-1 count, man is on first, and 2 outs. Next pitch is a strike for a 3-2 count but the runner on first attempts to steal, but is thrown out for out number 3. Same batter comes up to the plate the next inning and is dealt with a 3-2 count then walks or strikes out on the next pitch. The inning before the batter was thrown 5 pitches and the next inning the batter was thrown 6 pitches for a total of 11. The previous inning at bat and the at bat the following inning counts as the same at bat.

Which major league pitcher holds the record for most pitches thrown in career?

That is a record that will never be known. Pitch counts in baseball have only been important in the last 25-30 years. Before the mid 70s or so pitch counts were not a statistic that teams kept.

What is the fewest amount of pitches thrown in a baseball game?

Charley "Red" Barrett of the Boston Braves threw a grand total of 58 pitches in a MLB game on 1944 August 10.

Is there a maximum number of innings a baseball pitcher can pitch?

No, but the manager usually pulls a starting pitcher when they have thrown about 100 pitches.

How long does a baseball last?

The average baseball is only used for 5-7 pitches in the major leagues. This of course is due to home runs, foul balls, and pitches thrown in the dirt and becoming too scuffed to allow to be pitched