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15 goals by Chelsea in 04/05

but Manchester United will beat that this year :P

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Derby County, 21 goals from 38 games in 2007-08

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Sunderland: 15 points

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Q: What is the record for least goals conceded by a team in first division?
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Most Goals Conceded in the premire league?

Most league goals conceded in a season: 141, Darwen F.C. (Second Division, 1898-99) Most goals conceded by a single goalkeeper in a season: 85, Paul Robinson, (Leeds United, 2003-04)

What premiership club has conceded the fewest goals in the premier league history?

chelsea 2004/2005 season, they conceded only 15 goals

Which country conceded most number of goals in World Cup Football-2010?

North Korea conceded the most goals at the 2010 FIFA World Cup with 12 goals.

WHAT is goal difference?

It is the number of goals scored, minus the number of goals conceded.

Which team has conceded most goals in total in 2010 world cup?

North Korea conceded a total of 12 goals, the most in 2010 world cup.

Who concede more goal last season cech vs casillas?

Iker Casillas-32 goals conceded Petr Cech-34 goals conceded

How many times was Argentina runner up in wolrd cup?

In the competition proper, Argentina have qualified for the World Cup on fifteen occasions, missing just four World Cup competitions. They withdrew from the competition in 1938, 1950 and 1954, and failed to qualify for the 1970 competition.Their goal-scoring record in the remaining competitions are:1930 - Scored 18, Conceded 9 (2nd place)1934 - Scored 2, Conceded 3 (exited in the first round)1958 - Scored 5, Conceded 10 (exited in the first round)1966 - Scored 4, Conceded 2 (quarter finals)1978 - Scored 15, Conceded 4 (champions)1982 - Scored 8, Conceded 7 (exited in the second round)1986 - Scored 14, Conceded 5 (champions)1990 - Scored 5, Conceded 4 (2nd place)1994 - Scored 8, Conceded 6 (round of 16)1998 - Scored 10, Conceded 4 (quarter finals)2002 - Scored 2, Conceded 2 (exited in the first round)2006 - Scored 11, Conceded 3 (quarter finals)Excluding the 2010 tournament, this is a total of 118 goals from 18 competitions. In comparison, they have conceded 71 goals.

What french club holds the record for the best defense in a season?

Marseille is the French league club that holds the record for the best defense in a season having conceded 21 goals in the 1991/1992 season.

What is the most goals scored and who is the record holder for the most goals scored in a single season in Mississippi high school soccer for boys and girls?

52 for the boys 1a/2a/3a Division is the state record, 58 for the girls division, the 4A Division for the state holder for the boys is 50 and 54 for the girls, 5A boys is 36 goals, Girls 5A holder is 41 goals, 6A boys record holder is 61 Goals, Girls is 64 goals, these record holders include season, playoffs and championship games.

Which team conceded the fewest goals?

club America from Mexico

Who conceded least goals 2011-2012 season?

Joe hart

How many teams scored more goals than they conceded?