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2005: Cubs 11 wins, Pirates 5 wins

2006: Cubs 6 wins, Pirates 9 wins

2007: Cubs 8 wins, Pirates 7 wins

2008: Cubs 14 wins, Pirates 4 wins

2005-2008: Cubs 39 wins, Pirates 25 wins

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Q: What is the record for cubs vs pirates last 4 years?
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The Cubs finished last in the National League in 1966 with a record of 59-103.

For how many years have the Pittsburgh Pirates had a losing record?

Through the 2008 season, 16 (1993-2008). The last season the Bucs had a winning record was 1992 when they went 96-66.

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When was the last time the Pittsburgh Pirates made the playoffs?

The once proud Pirates franchise has won the World Series 5 times, the last time in 1979. The last time the Pirates were in the postseason was a 3 year stretch from 1990-1992 where they lost the NLCS in all three years. They have not had a winning season for 17 years.

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