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10889.9m by Andrew long on Sunday 19th July 2009

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Q: What is the record distance for yeti long shot?
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Who would win in a cage match bigfoot or a yeti?

Yetis have reportedly saved people while bigfoot kidnaps people so bigfoot wins by a long shot.

How long is a yeti crab?

The Yeti Crab is an odd looking creature that has fuzzy yellow hairs that cover its legs. The Yeti Crab averages about 5 inches in length.

Did yeti's exist?

No human has ever lived that long to know.

Did yeti's ever exist?

No human has ever lived that long to know.

What is the plural of yeti?


How long does a yeti live?

deport know

Where is yeti in clubpenguin?

There really isn't a Yeti on clubpenguin. But, there is a zone called Yeti.

What yeti crab eats?

A yeti

When did yeti die?

the yeti is not died yet.

Who is stronger a yeti or an alligator?

a yeti of course

How long does a yeti crab live?

this wont be helpful but dose is supposed to be spelled does :P

What is a yeti fumblelumfagus?

It is princess yeti of a cow's grumbles.