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Through the 2011 regular season, the Raiders lead the all time series 59-42-2. The two teams are tied 1-1 in playoff meetings.

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Q: What is the record between the Cowboys and the Redskins for the past ten years?
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When did the Washington Redskins enter the NFL?

The Dallas Cowboys' first season in the NFL was 1950.

Are the redskins better then the cowboys?

Frankly, the Dallas Cowboys have dominated their series with Washington for the past 15 years or so. But Washington has acted as a spoiler several times.

What is Washington redskin record last 10 years?

In the last 10 years from 2001-2011 the redskins record is 73-103. This season of 2012 for the first 4 weeks, the Redskins 2-2. Sports Media 101

How many times did the packers play the patriots?

Through the 2008 season, the Raiders have played 5 Thanksgiving Day games: 1963 - Raiders 28, Broncos 10 1966 - Bills 31, Raiders 10 1967 - Raiders 44, Chiefs 22 1968 - Raiders 13, Bills 10 1970 - Lions 28, Raiders 14

How many Super Bowls did the Cowboys win in strike years?

None. The Washington Redskins won both Superbowls - XVII and XXII - that took place in strike years (1982 and 1987 seasons).

What years did Dexter Coakley play for the Cowboys?

Dexter Coakley played for the Cowboys between 1997-2004.

Who did the Buffalo Bills lose to in the 4 Super Bowls and what years?

They lost to the NY giants in 1991 then they lost to the Redskins in 1992 after that they lost 2 times against the cowboys

How many times did the Saints win over Cowboys in the last 43 years?

The Saints have won nine games against the Dallas Cowboys in 24 meetings. The Cowboys are 15-9 overall in this Series, with a Home Record of 9-3 and an Away Record of 6-6

What is the Dallas Cowboys' record on Sunday nights?

Since NBC began televising Sunday night games in September 2006, the Dallas Cowboys have appeared 36 times through the 2016 regular season and posted a 20-and-16 record. Between 1979 and 2005, ABC, ESPN and TNT aired games on Sunday nights. The Cowboys' record in 23 games during those years was 10-14. So Dallas' overall Sunday night performances have yielded a 30-and-30 record.

What team Won the Super Bowl after posting a 1-15 record 2 years earlier?

Dallas Cowboys

How many regular-season games have the Dallas Cowboys won in 50 years?

Through the 2016 season, the Dallas Cowboys' all-time regular-season record is 493-367-6. The team's playoff record is 34-27.

What years did the dolphi ns play in the super bowl?

1971 (loss to Cowboys) - 1972 (17-0 season, win over Redskins) - 1973 (win over Vikings) - 1982 (strike year, loss to Redskins) - 1984 (Marino's 5,000 yard year, loss to 49ers).