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Q: What is the record Kentucky versus Alabama in football?
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What is the all time record of NC versus Kentucky?

NC leads 21-10!

What is the all time football record Nebraska versus Clemson?


What is the Miami hurricanes all time football record versus North Carolina?

Miami is 7-8 versus North Carolina.

What it the all time football record Iowa versus Minnesota?


What is Michigan football record versus PAC 10 teams?

There record is 16-13 over Pac 10 teams.

What is the Michigan football record versus the sec?

As of the 2008 season, Michigan's record against the SEC is 20-5-1. Since 1994,Michigan is 7-1 against the SEC. They've defeated Auburn, Alabama and Florida twice in recent bowl games.

What is University of Michigan's record versus Alabama in football?

Michigan leads the all time series 2-1 ... all meetings have been in bowl games. Michigan won the 1988 Hall of Fame Bowl and 2000 Orange Bowl and Alabama won the 1997 Outback Bowl.

What is Mississippi State university all time record versus University of Florida in football?

Through the 2008 season, Southern Mississippi leads the all time series against Mississippi State, 14-12-1.

What is the football series record for university of Michigan versus notre dame?

Michigan holds a 23-16-1 record against Notre Dame

What is Southern Miss's football record versus mississippi state?

I think it is Southern miss 16-14-1

What is Iowa hawkeyes football record alltime versus Miami hurricanes?


What is Oklahoma's record versus Auburn in college football?

1-0. The teams have met once in football ... that being the 1972 Sugar Bowl with Oklahoma winning 40-22.