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The only reason that Pete Rose is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame is because he was banned from playing baseball and subsequently made ineligible for entry into the hall of fame.

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Q: What is the reason Pete Rose is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame?
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Pete rose is he in the baseball hall of fame?

Red socks, or gtfo.

Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame?


Do most members of Baseball's Hall of Fame want Pete Rose out or in the Hall of Fame?

I know of at least ten living members of the hall of fame that advocate Pete's induction. Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez, Cal Ripken Jr., Mike Schmit, Hank Aaron, Duke Snider, Rod Carew, Steve Carlton, and Willie Stargell.

What professional athletes have been arrested for drugs?

Orlando Cepeda, a member of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, was arrested for dealing drugs. And Pete Rose isn't in the Hall of Fame why???

Who is the all time hits leader in Major League Baseball?

The all time hits leader is Pete Rose with 4,192. Sadly he can't be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame for his betting on baseball as a manager.

Why is Pete rose not in the hall of fame?

he gambled on every reds game while manager. It's really not known whether Rose gambled on EVERY Reds' game, but he did gamble on some Reds game. Due to this, Rose was banned from Major League baseball and is not eligible for election to the Hall of Fame.

When was Pete Hall born?

Pete Hall was born on 1939-02-28.

Anything noteworthy today in history 9th of January?

One of the noteworthy things that happened today in history is Pete Rose was banned from being elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. This happened on January 9, 1991.

What two players who had hall of fame qualifications but were on MLB's permanent suspension list due to gambling?

Pete Rose and 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson.

What year did Howard Cosell enter the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame?

He is going to get the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award in 2012.

Who are the 2007 Ohio State University Varsity Hall of Fame inductees?

1) Dr. Ivan S. Gilbert-fencing2)Pete Johnson-football

Is Pete rose in the hall of fame?

No, although he was one of the greatest players and hitters to ever put on a uniform he still to this day is not in the H.O.F. The sole reason is because he gambled on baseball games and was put on a lifetime ban from baseball. He definitely deserves to be in the H.O.F in many peoples eyes, however, others just cannot look past the fact he gambled on baseball game while he was still in the sport

Athletes with last name starting with s?

Pete Sampras was the #1 ranked tennis player in the world. Bart Starr is a member of the Football Hall of Fame.

Is every baseball player who has 3000 hits in the hall of fame?

No. Pete Rose (4256 hits) and Rafael Palmeiro (3020 hits) will probably never be elected to the Hall due to 'crimes' against baseball (Rose for gambling and Palmeiro for taking performance enhancing substances). Craig Biggio (3060 hits) must wait out the 5 years between retirement and election ... he will be eligible for election to the Hall in 2013.

Who is Pete on acww?

Pete is the mailman who delivers your letters, he works for the town hall.

How many career hits did Pete Rose have?

Pete Rose appeared in 3,562 games, had 14,053 at bats and 4,256 Hits, and a life time batting average of .303 in a 24 yr career, all Hall of Fame numbers by far

All time leading NCCA Basketball Scoring leader?

Pete Maravich, or "Pistol Pete", a guard from LSU is the NCAA Basketball's leading scorer. He ended his college career with 3,667 points and was elected into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

What is the value of a hall of fame souvenir baseball autographed by pete rose?

Pete Rose Single Signed HOF BaseballA Pete Rose single signed baseball is worth about $40.-$50. Prices will vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Signatures that are not properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less. The HOF Souvenir baseball might or might not add value. If any not enough to mention. Pete Rose signs autographs for a living, and is often found in Las Vegas doing so.There are plenty of Pete Rose signatures on the market to go around. With little patience you can purchase a Pete Rose PSA/DNA authenticated autographed baseball on eBay for as low as $25. -$35.

Did pete rose bet on baseball?

Yes. Pete Rose did bet on baseball.

When did Pete Rose Baseball happen?

Pete Rose Baseball happened in 2600.

is Petes baseball uniform is in the closet or Pete's?

it is petes

When was Pete Rose banned from Baseball?

Pete Rose was banned from Baseball 1989 for Gambling

When was Pete Rose Baseball created?

Pete Rose Baseball was created in 1988-03.

How many hall of famers were on 1976 reds baseball team?

3 ... Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, and Tony Perez. A fourth player, Pete Rose, would have been a sure Hall of Famer.

Who was the Youngest basketball player inducted into the hall of fame?

pete maravich That was Ed Macauley who was inducted into the Basketball of Fame at the age of 32 in 1960. He played for the St. Louis Bombers, Boston Celtics, and St. Louis Hawks from 1949-1959. Maravich was inducted in 1987 at the age of 40.