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Harold "Red" Grange.

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Q: What is the real name of the galloping ghost who played for the Chicago Bears?
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Which Chicago Bears player was known as the galloping ghost?

red grange

Which Chicago Bears' quarterback was known as 'The Galloping Ghost'?

Harold (Red) Edward Grange (June 13, 1903 ? January 28, 1991), was a professional and college American football player. He was a charter member of both the College and Pro Football Hall of Fame. Harold "Red" Grange Nickname: Red Grange. The Galloping Ghost. Yes it was harorld Grange who was nicknamed the galloping ghost while he played in the 20's but I think he was a running back and not a quarterback.

Which Chicago Bear player appeared in a 12 episode TV movie series with Francis X Bushman Jr and Stepin Fetchit?

That would be the legendary half-back Red Grange who played for the Chicago Bears . The TV series was named 'The Galloping Ghost' in 1931 .

When was The Galloping Ghost - serial - created?

The Galloping Ghost - serial - was created in 1931.

What is the duration of The Galloping Ghost serial?

The duration of The Galloping Ghost - serial - is 3.77 hours.

Football player of the 1920s Red Grange played for what team?

Harold Edward "Red" Grange (also called The Galloping Ghost) played for the Chicago Bears in 1925 and from 1929-1934. He played for the New York Yankees football team for the 1926 and 1927 seasons. He sat out the 1928 season due to injury.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Galloping Ghost - 1931?

The Galloping Ghost - 1931 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Passed (National Board of Review)

What was red grange's nickname?

the galloping ghost

What are the release dates for Goober and the Ghost Chasers - 1973 The Galloping Ghost 1-3?

Goober and the Ghost Chasers - 1973 The Galloping Ghost 1-3 was released on: USA: 22 September 1973

Who was the galloping ghost during the 1920s?

Red grange

What College Football Star known as the Galloping Ghost?

Red Grange was know as the Galloping Ghost because of his speed and ability to evade members of opposing teams.

Last name of the Galloping Ghost of the 1920's who played running back for the University of Illinois?

last name is Grange

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