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rati pandey

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Q: What is the real name of nupur?
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What is the real name of Indian nupur?

It is Rati Pandey.

What does Hindu name Nupur mean?


What is the real of nupur of mile jab hum tum?

Rati Pandey

Is nupur really not nupur in mjht?

she is nupur only but she is behaving as if she is some one else

How tall is Nupur Rathore?

Nupur Rathore is 5' 3".

Whom do Sanaya like more Samrat or Mayank?

Sanaya likes samrat because mayank and nupur belong togetherbtu if ur talking for real then sanaya likes arjun more because sanaya also worked with mayank in left right left but mayank kinda likes nupur for real(i think mayank likes nupur for real as a friend but not the love like)mayank doesnt not like sanaya he only likes her as a good friend

Which of these ornament is wear in foot?


Who won in spellbound?

Nupur Lala

Who is nupur's boyfrnd?

karan sehgal

What has the author Nupur Dasgupta written?

Nupur Dasgupta has written: 'The dawn of technology in Indian protohistory' -- subject(s): History, Science, Technology

What was the best invention?

Computers and coding Nupur

What does Nupur Lala do for a living now?