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The football team from India is currently ranked 133rd in the world

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Q: What is the ranking position of the Indian Football team?
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What is the Indian men's team current ranking in world football?


What is the highest FIFA ranking of the Indian men's football team?


Which team in football is ranking 1 in2009?


Who is the Indian football team captain?

Sunil Chhetri is the current captian of indian football team.

What is the current world ranking of team Uruguay in football?


Who is the captain of the Indian Football Team male?

the football indian team captain is ajay kumar saahoo

What is the current ranking of Indian hockey team in Asia?


What is the ranking Pakistan football time?

Pakistan football team ranks 200 in 2017. But had a better ranking in 1993 at 143. Since 1993 postion of Pakistan team gradually gowing downwards.

Who is the present captain of Indian football team?

Rahim Nabi is the current captian of indian football team

What is position of India cricket team?

Test Series Ranking-1st place ODI Ranking-2nd place.

Who is the current Indian Football National Team Coach?

Bobby Houghton of England is the current coach of Indian Football National Team

What is highest ranking Scotland football team achieved?

13th (October 2007).