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The radius of a full adult size NBA Baseball is 4.7 inches.

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Q: What is the radius of a full adult size NBA basketball ball?
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Do basketball that are fully inflated bounce higher then basketball that are not full?

Yes they do bounce higher because their is more air in the ball that is filled up more!

Do basketball tips count for rebounds?

No, by definition, you must have full possession of the ball in order for it to count as a rebound.

Why would you pump a flat basketball?

so that the air particles inside will move faster and the ball will be full.

What is full form of FIBA?

International Basketball Federation (French: Federation Internationale de Basket-Ball)

What makes a basketball bounce higher?

when more pressure is applied to a basketball the ball bounces higher. your strength matters. if your strong, you throw the ball on the ground with all your might it will go very high. air inside the ball also matters. if 3/4 of the ball or less is full the ball will barely bounce. in fact there are chances it will not bounce at all no matter how strong you are. you need to make sure that the ball is full of air if you want it to bounce

What is the differences between a flat basketball and a regular basketball?

A flat ball doesn't have a lot of air in it, so it doesn't bounce that well, where as a full basketball has less resistance, and therefore bounces higher. Basically, the difference is the amount of air in the basketball.

What size is the official for 7th grade boys basketball?

Not sure if you mean the ball or rim height, but it is regulation full size on both, NBA ball, 10' rim height.

Why does a ball bounce higher than others?

it will bounce higher if there is more air. ex. Flat basketball- being flat, the ball will just hit the floor and will be pressed inwards on the spot it landed pumped basketball- being full of air, the ball hits the ground and like a flat basketball is pressed inwards. but because there's air in it, the air will make the ball retain its shape and bounce.

In a full court of basketball how would it begin?

A basketball match has 5 players from each team at a time on the court. In the centre ring, a player from each team will begin in 'jump ball'. This means that an umpire will throw a ball up and the player doing jump ball will try to tap the ball in the air to a player from their own team. This is how it begins.

What is the radius of a basketball?

9 inches in diameter, 7.5-8.5 pounds/inch of pressure, about 14.5 pounds, full grain leather

How much is a Harlem Rockets signed ball worth?

It depends on how many of the players signed the ball. A typical autographed basketball, Men's full size, would run around $50-$250.

Does a full basketball weigh the same as a flat basketball?

No, because the full basketball includes the mass of the air, unless you don't include the air, then they are the same.

What sport is known for having the most primadonna type players?

In my opinion, basketball holds the most primadonna players. I play tennis and I play basketball. From what i experienced, basketball is full of young men that think they are pros. They are not. I do not enjoy watching basketball with players that shoot every time they touch the ball.

How do you tell your basketball is full enough?

You have to squeeze the ball with your hands. if its hard to do that. Bounce the ball on the ground. If it bounces up to like 3 or 4 feet up in the air when you just drop it. Then you have enough air.

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Basketball TV

Why does a penny sink and a basketball float?

Because a basketball is full of air and a penny isn't

How many pages does Periwinkle at the Full Moon Ball have?

Periwinkle at the Full Moon Ball has 30 pages.

How much in a full ball of cocaine?

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When do yo use full court press in basketball?

When a team presses, the offensive team tends to get angsty and make more turnovers, allowing the team that is pressing to get the ball and score.

What is the full form of the abbreviation NBA in terms of basketball?

NBA stands for National Basketball Association.

How much is a basketball court?

Mine cost around $120,000 it is a full sized Basketball court.

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