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The race route is around an oval that is 2.5 miles long on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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Q: What is the race route of the Indy 500?
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What is the most popular race?

Car race is the Indy 500. Horse race is the Kentucky Derby.

What is The longest flat race?

Indy 500

Was Danica Patrick in the Indy 500 race on May 27 2012?

No. Danica Patrick did not compete in the 2012 Indy 500.

How long is the motor race which Indianapolis is famous for?

Indy 500, is 500 miles.

Who won todays Indy race?

the Saints

Who won Indy 500 in 1976?

The Indy 500 was won by Johnny Rutherford. Due to the rain, the race was halted after 102 laps.

What time does Indy 500 start?

The Indy 500 generally starts around noon Eastern each year. This annual race is the apex of the Indy Car series.

Who was the winner of the Indy 500a car race?

The winner of the Indy 500 car race, in 2012, was Dario Franchitti. This gave him the distinction of being a three time winner of the Indy 500. He was a member of the Chip Ganassi Racing Team.

Which state held the first Indy 500 car race?

The first Indy 500 race was held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, located in Speedway, Indiana. It was on May 30, 1911.

How many men have won Indy 500?

No women has won the Indy 500. There has been 101 races and 69 different race winners.

Who was the first Indy 500 champion to race in F-1?

The first Indy 500 winner that drove in a Formula One race (other than the Indy 500 which was considered an F-1 race between 1950-1960) was Rodger Ward of the United States, the 1959 and 1962 Indy 500 winner, who drove in the 1959 United States Grand Prix. The first winner that drove full time in Formula One was Jim Clark of Scotland, the 1965 Indy 500 champion.

How many laps did Jr Lead in the Indy 500 in 2009?

09 Indy has not been run and Dale Jr does not race Indy cars