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Mixed race.

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Q: What is the race of a person with mixed race?
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What race besides mixed race is a person who has one white parent and one black parent?

The older, more offensive term is "mulatto." Today they would be called a "person of mixed race."

What race is a person who is half white and half black?

I and many other mixed race people prefer mixed race, half cast is rather offensive

What do you call a person who is half black and half Indian?

Mixed race.

Are mixed race people more intelligent then no mixed race people?

yes they are Im mixed race and my IQ is 180

Are mixed race people more intelligent then no-mixed race people?

yes they are Im mixed race and my IQ is 180

Is Zendaya Mixed or Black?

She is Mixed Race , But some people call Mixed Race Black People ... But She Is Mixed Race , If thats How she wants to be called .

Is a person who is Half Black and Puerto Rican of Mixed Race?

Absolutely. The Person would actually be Biracial.

What Race Is Judi jai?

She's creole (A person of mixed Black and European ancestry).

What is Walter tull famous for?

Tull was the first black/mixed race officer in the British army and the second black/mixed race person to play in the top division in the Football League.

Was Thomas Jefferson of mixed race?

Yes, Thomas Jefferson was of mixed race. His mother was African American. His father was of Caucasian race. Someone who is both black and white is of mixed race.

Are you of mixed race if you have more than one mixed race great grandparent?

Yes, you are.

Is Fazer from N-Dubz mixed race?

Fazer is half Jamaican and he is mixed race

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