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Freddie flintoff 95.1 mph

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Q: What is the quickest ashes ball?
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What bails are in the Ashes trophy?

a bail of hay and a cricket ball and a cricket bat and dom bradman ashes

Which will warm up quickest a large black ball or a small black ball AND Which one will heat up quicker a small white ball or a large white ball?

lol this is my homework too.... A small black ball would warm up the quickest and the small white ball would heat up quicker.

When The Ashes was invented?

The Ashes tournament was first opened in 1882. The urn specifically which the tournament name derives from is known as The Ashes Urn, and is reputed to contain the burned remains of a cricket ball.

What is inside the urn that holds cricket's Ashes?

The Ashes urn is reputed to contain a burnt item of cricket equipment, possibly a bail,ball or stump.

Cricket how could to fast ball?

The quickest bowlers get up to low 90's mph

Who won the Ashes in Australia in 1981?

The 1981 Ashes series were held in England. Despite having been 1-0 down after two Tests, England won the next three Tests to finish 3-1 victors (with two draws), thus retaining the Ashes. The series is popularly known as Botham's Ashes, due to the remarkable performances of Ian Botham with both bat and ball.

Who was the batsman who got out on what is now regarded as the 'Ball of the Century'?

The Ball of the Century, which occurred on the second day of the first Test of the 1993 Ashes series, was bowled by Shane Warne to Mike Gatting.

When was Ashes Ashes created?

Ashes Ashes was created in 2001.

Will there be a fourth ashes to ashes?

No, there will not be a 4th series of BBC Ashes To Ashes.

What is the quickest bird?

The Ostrich is the quickest bird.

Is there going tobe a third series of ashes to ashes?

yes there will be a third series of ashes to ashes.

In what years has England won the ashes?

England won the last Ashes in the year 2010-2011.