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Q: What is the quickest and easiest way to declare a winner in a tournament?
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With 20 players in a single elimination tournament how many games have to be played to declare a winner?


What does declaration mean?

To announce officially; proclaim: to declare a state of emergency; to declare a winner.

What is a good sentence using declare?

I declare war, and the winner gets a cupcake

Who were the winner of the Asia cup Cricket Tournament?

a doofus

How much does the winner of the NCAA tournament get?

a tone of pride

Does the Ohio Valley Conference Champion go to the NCAA tournament?

The winner of theOhio Valley Conference tournament goes to the NCAA tournament

Does the winner of a golf tournament receive the prize money immediately or sometime after the tournament ends?

The Golfer receives the prize after the tournament ends.

How many games will the NCAA tournament champion play?

The winner (and loser) of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament will have played 6 games in the tournament.

Is the winner of the masters golf tournament automatically a member?

The winner of the Masters becomes an honorary member of the club.

Which country emerged the winner of the second tournament?

which country emerged the winner of the ICC tournaments

2009 winner of the master golf tournament?

Angel Cabrera.

Who was the Winner of masters golf tournament in 1958?

Arnold Palmer