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appx. $550000

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Q: What is the purse for the first place winner for the Iditarod 2012?
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What was the 1995 purse of the Iditarod?

ok the purse for 1995 in the iditarod is $25000.00

In the Iditarod how many places share the purse?


What is the meaning of the word purse in law?

A purse is a sum of money available to the winner of a contest or event.A purse is a sum of money available to the winner of a contest or event.A purse is a sum of money available to the winner of a contest or event.A purse is a sum of money available to the winner of a contest or event.

What percentage does 1st place win in a PGA tournament?

18% of the total purse e.g. if the purse is $5,000,000 the winner gets $900,000.

What is the first place musher's share of the purse?

Carter Rentals is the first one to share the purse

How much money do you get when you win the iditarod?

In 2011 the purse was $50,400 +a Dodge Ram 1500.The first ten mushers to finish the 2011 Iditarod get these prize money payouts:$50,400$46,300$42,500$38,900$35,600$32,600$29,800$27,300$24,900$22,700That prize money scale continues down until the Iditarod musher who finishes in 30th place takes home a purse of $1,500.

What was the Kentucky Derby purse for the winner?

The purse was US$2 million

What is the definition of a Horse Racing Purse?

The 'purse' in horse racing is the cash prize won by the owner. The racing purse is usually paid to the first five finishers; 50% is paid to the winner, 25% for place, 12% for third, 8% for fourth, and 5% for fifth.

What does the Iditarod winner receive?

The "Golden Harness" is most frequently given to the lead dog or dogs of the winning team. However, it is decided by a vote of the mushers, and in 2008 was given to Babe, the lead dog of Ramey Smyth, the 3rd place finisher. Babe was almost 11 years old when she finished the race, and it was her ninth Iditarod. The "Rookie of the Year" award is given to the musher who places the best among those finishing their first Iditarod. A red lantern signifying perseverance is awarded to the last musher to cross the finish line. The size of the purse determines how many mushers receive cash prizes. The first place winner also receives a new pickup truck.

How much money do you get as a jockey?

10% of the purse if you are the winner and any other place you only get $100. So if you win a race with a purse of $100,000 you would bring home $10,000.

How much prize money will the winner of the 2008 Masters receive?

The total purse for the 2007 masters was $7.25 million, the winner taking $1,305,000 of that purse.

What is the highest purse for any Kentucky Derby winner?

In 2014, the winner received $1,442,800.

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