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Q: What is the purpose of thebeautiful soul of don damian?
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What show was created by don cormeluis?

Soul Train

Is mahavira a Hindu?

no Answer: MAHAVIR is our soul name in Jain Phillosophy. Soul don"t have cast.

How old is don corneilus of Soul Train?

Don Cornelius died February 1, 2012.

Where is the event arceus in soul silver?

you don''t

Who is the strongest gym leader in Pokemon heartgold soul silver?


How can you have Don Cornelius attend your Soul Train party in Cleveland Ohio?

Don Cornelius died February 1, 2012.

Derek Griffiths does he do the voice over the Kia Soul ad?

Don Warrington

Who is the founder and host of the tv dance Show Soul Train?

Don Cornelius

Who owns Soul Train Holdings?

Soul Train Holdings (based in Los Angeles, CA)

How did soul train start?

Soul Train was created in 1970 as an alternative to the pop revue 'American Bandstand'. Don Cornelius used $400.00 of his own money to get Soul Train up and running. It was the platform that first featured R&B, Soul, Hip Hop and Funk stars.

Was Don Cornelius gay?

Don Cornelius, the creator of "Soul Train," was not openly gay during his lifetime. He was known for being private about his personal life.

Why didnt they just find someone else to host Soul Train for Don Cornelius to continue the trend of good music and dancing?

How is Don Cornelius doing? He was the coolest guy on the Soul Train. Wishing him the very best. The 70's tv fan was a great time. Thanks Don for being there.