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PING acronym for "Packet Inter Network Groper" utility is used to check the status of the specified Host (IP Address). It determines the status by Echo\Response method based on ICMP protocol.

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Q: What is the purpose of the ping utility?
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What is a utility that can verify that TCP IP is installed bound to the NIC configured correctly and communicating with the network?


Which utility can be used to determine end to end connectivity between source and destination?

ping is the easiest.

What is the name of An Internet utility that sends a signal to a specific Internet address and waits for a reply?

answer: PING

Which utility is used to verify network connections?

Ping and/or traceroute

The ping utility is the most common use of which protocol?


A useful TCP utility to test for connectivity is?

The ping command.

What are the two ways to use the ping utility to test a local computers NIC?

go to command prompt and type in either Ping Loopback, or Ping or Ping another device's IP Address

Which command-line utility enables you to verify entries on a DNS server?


What it the fullform of TTL in ping utility?

The full form of TTL is Time To Live

What does the be ping mean?

Ping is a special command line utility which allows to check accessibility of particular hosts. It uses ICMP protocol and because many online services block it, the utility not always provides correct results.

Call of duty world at war what is a ping?

Ping is the name of a standard software utility used to test network connections. In some games (I am not sure about CoD) you can get kicked from servers for 'ping too high.'

Which utility is the first step in diagnosing connectivity problems?

The most basic is "Ping".The syntax is:Ping remote host or ip addressi.e. ping