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It has to be the penalty.

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Q: What is the purpose of the 10 yard box in the soccer field?
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What is the yellow box on a CFL field?

The box outside each end zone is actually a marking for a soccer field. (18 yard Box). generally it is a multi-purpose field.

What is the most successful area on a soccer field to score?

probably the 18 yard box all the way to the end line

What is youth Spring Soccer I know that the field is half the normal length but what else is different from a youth soccer game?

You can also shoot inside the 18 yard box.

In soccer what is a goal box?

It is the smallest box on each end of the field next to the goal. In addition, it is sometimes called the "six yard box" because from the goal line to the top of the goal box, the measurement is 6 yards.

Can a soccer goalkeeper cross center field?

Yes, they can go anywhere on the pitch. As long as they only handle the ball in their own 18 yard box.

What does the box in soccer mean?

There are no boxes on a soccer field. They would present a tripping hazard.

What are 2 nouns that describe soccer?

field and goalie box

What are parts of the soccer field?

On either side of the pitch, in front of the goal posts, there is an 18 yard box containing a smaller 6 yard box directly in front of the goal. In the middle of the field there is the half way line, 50 meters away from each goal, which has a large circle - known as the centre circle in the middle of it.

Why do you have to have a goalie in soccer?

You don't really need one unless you want to lose the game... The goalie or goalkeeper is the only person on the field who can use hands (in the 18 yard box).

What are goals?

The white box-shaped apparatuses at the end of a soccer field-Larry

What is the cross in soccer?

A cross is a pass played from either of the wings into the 18 yard box, usually in the air.

How wide is the six yard box in soccer?

The goal area is 20 yards (18.32 m) wide.

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