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to hold up the sails, and to help steer the ship. its called rigging, by the way...

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Q: What is the purpose of ropes and sails?
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The ropes and chains that support and control the sails?

Halyards, ropes and stays

The ropes and chains that support and control the sails of a boat?

Stays, lines, ropes and halyards.

Why are ropes on yachts called sheets?

No , the sails are called the sheets. Wrong - the sails are called SAILS. The control lines to the sails are sheets.

What are the ropes and chains that support and control the sails?


What did Native Americans on Lake Titicaca use totora reeds for?

Houses, mats, hats, ropes, sails, toys, roofs, and floors. Hope this helps :)

What are Ropes called holding up the sails on a boat - 7 letters?

Your crossword puzzle answer is halyard, a shortened word for "haul yard".

What are the ropes that support and control the sails of a ship called?

The "ropes" that raise or lower the sails are called HALYARDS and the "ropes" that control the sails are called SHEETS. Halyards are the lines (ropes) that raise sails. Downhauls lower them (note that they are not always included as gravity does usually help out, though they are sometimes necessary). Sheets are used to pull the bottom corner of a sail aft (or towards the "stern" or back of the ship). Tacks pull them forward (ie towards the "bow" or front of the ship). Square sails also have lines that are used to douse (square sails are often "lowered" by pulling them up, and set by letting them fall down as they are attached on the top edge by a long horizontal spar called a yard) or to reef them (decreasing the sail area in cases of heavier wind) These are the buntlines, clewlines, reeflines, and reefing points. The yards that hold square sails up also need to be able to turn, and lines attached at their ends called braces pull either the port or starboard (left or right) end of the yard aft. There are, of course, many more however these are probably the most important.

Ropes holding up the sails on a boat?

The halyard holds the sail up. When a rope has an assigned job on a boat (or a ship) it is referred to as a line.

What does the phrase learning the ropes mean?

it originates from shipping. when a young lad came abourd he became a deck hand and one of the first things he'd do is climb the ships ropes to handle the sails. it means learning the basic runnings of an operation or job.

What pulley raises sails on boats?

A pulley doesn't raise or hoist sails. A pulley is just a wheel that eases a change in direction of a rope. It is a rope that hoists or raises sails. A rope for this purpose is called a Halyard.

What duties did they have while sailing with Columbus?

Ships of that time period required people manning the rigging, the sails, and working with huge ropes. It was a job that was day and night.

On a yacht wHat is a sheet?

On sailing vessels ropes are called sheets. The rope that is used to control the main sail, for example, is known as the main sheet. Ropes that control the jib sail are known as jib sheets, etc. The expression "three sheets to the wind" to describe someone who is inebriated, comes from the fact that if three of the ropes that control sails were loose and "to the wind" the vessel would be out of control.

How did three sheets to the wind become a marine term?

It started as a naval term. 'Sheets' are ropes fastened to the corners of the sails. If three are loose, the ship will lurch out of control, like a drunken sailor.

What supplies would you need to keep a ship sailing?

Spare sails, needle & thread, spare ropes, bilge pump, possibly a hull repair kit, spare helm parts.

How people exercise on the middle passage?

They didn’t. Sailors had a ship to sail which was hard work with big ropes and sails. The slaves were in chains below and not allowed on deck. When one of them died they threw them overboard.

What is a pulley system?

It is a system of ropes and wheels that achieve the purpose of making an object easier to lift.

What is the purpose of a windlass?

The purpose of a windlass is to raise and lower the anchor on a ship. It may also be used for hoisting other heavy loads such as masts, sails and cables.

What were Captain James Cook's supplies?

Captain James Cook's supplies were rum(a type of alcohol), fruits(to prevent scurvey, a natural disease), ropes, sails, cannonballs, and other goods.

What value did hemp have as a product in England in the latter 1500s?

Commerce in hemp, which was primarily valued for the strength and versatility of its fibers, was profitable and thriving. Hemp ropes and sails were crossing the sea to North America with the explorers.

What is the name for the rope-thing on a sailing yacht that slaps against the mast in a wind making a characteristic seaside noise?

The halyards, these ropes are used to haul sails up. When sails are down they are left tied tight from the top of the mast down towards the foot. The wind causes them to vibrate and hit the mast thus causing the sound.

What sails are square?

Square sails are referred to as four-cornered sails.

Lanteen sails were triangular these sails were square?

Square sails are square

If La-teen sails were triangular which type of sails are square?

Square sails (rectangular) were (are) called four-cornered sails.

Where do we get the phrase that will take the starch out of your sails and what is the role of starch in sails?

Starch in sails helps form the heavy canvas into an airfoil shape. A stiff, smooth, consistent sail produces more thrust for the boat than a floppy, unformed sail. Taking the starch out of your sails means to slow you down or discourage you. Besides using starch for this purpose, captains sometimes ordered sailors to pour seawater over the sails. The wet sheets produced a tiny but significant increase in speed.

What is the collective noun for sails?

The collective nouns for sails are:a fitting of sailsan outfit of sailsa set of sailsa suit of sails