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The main purpose of Golf club head covers is to protect the golf club. Head covers are available in many designs and themes to suit every golfer's need.

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The main and sole purpose of golf club head covers are simply that, to cover and protect the clubs while providing possibly some insight into the golfers personality.

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Q: What is the purpose of golf club headcovers?
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Hello, yes a Golf Stick is Exactly the same as a Golf Club. You might take a look at this discount golf site with many cheap golf clubs.

Why people usually cover drivers in golf?

Do you mean the headcovers? Headcovers are designed to protect the club. With drivers, woods and hybrids there is usually a layer of paint which can chip easily if hit with another club, say an iron. They could easily become unsightly if they are not protected. If you are referring to a layer of tape on the top line, this is used to protected the paint from sky marks. Usually this happens for demo clubs.

Why golf clubs have socks?

They are headcovers, some of the older designs were simply woolen and usually striped. The new ones are a lot more modern and structured. Headcovers are designed to protect the clubs when they are in the bag, to prevent them from getting damaged.

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A variety of golfing equipment and apparel can be purchased online at Cobra Golf including high quality golf clubs, golf bags, headcovers, visors, caps, fitted belts, and canopy umbrellas.

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