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Q: What is the purpose of a tether strap?
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What is the thin leather strap used to tether a hawk?

Jesses, singular 'jess' are thin straps of leather used to tether a Hawk.

Does a 2008 South African Suzuki SX4 have tether points for child car seats?

yes every car made past 2004 has a tether strap for car seat

On a 1993 Ford Tempo where do you install the tether strap anchor hook for a child restraint seat?

Call you local Ford dealer first. Ford, at least here in Canada, will pay for the installation of one tether in all Fords built after 1990. Ask them about it first.

Is it illegal to tether a pony?

Is it illegal to tether a horse

When was Anthony Tether born?

Anthony Tether was born in 1942.

What is the purpose of the swivel to which a blimp is atttached?

To allow the blimp to turn full circle If the wind changes w/o fouling the tether line

TETHER is most similar in meaning to?

What is the correct meani of the word tether

How can get your droid to tether?

go to youtube type in droid type and wireless tether

When was Mind at the End of its Tether created?

Mind at the End of its Tether was created in 1945.

Where is a tether ball made?

There are many manufacturers of "tether balls" in the US and overseas.

Why did they make a tetherball?

obviously they made a tether-ball to play tether-ball

Use tether in a sentence?

My friend came over because she wanted to play tether ball with me.