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The purpose of a depth gauge is to measure the depth of water. It is used by Scuba divers to make sure they don't go too deep because the deeper they go the more pressure the water is.

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Q: What is the purpose of a depth gauge?
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What is the purpose of the adjustable depth gauge at the front of the hand router?

to trim the back hair of an Australian- Arab.

What is a depth gauge?

A device to measure the tire's thread depth.

What is a depth micrometer used for?

A "depth gauge micrometer" is used by engineers. A depth gauge micrometer is a precision instrument used to measure various depths of different items.

How do you use the word gauge in a sentence?

Depth perception is utilized to gauge one's distance from an obstacle.

What is the purpose of a rain gauge?

The purpose i dont know

What is the reading accuracy of vernier depth gauge?

0,000635 mm

Where can one find information on depth gauge?

One can find information about depth gauges online. However, for tire depth gauges the best place would be the local automotive store, and for the chainsaw depth gauge the best place to go is to a home improvement store.

How to gauge the depth of compressions in a child?

== The length = depth of adult compression = 4 - 5 cm == The breadth = depth of child compression = 2 - 3 cm == The height = depth of infant compression = 1 - 1.5 cm

What it is the unit measurement of a tire tread depth gauge?

Most are in mm or /32 of an inch.

What is gauge pressure at a depth of 100 m in water?

About 160 psi or 11 atm

What is the purpose of an analytic study?

it is a depth study and fect finding

What is the purpose of a marking gauge?

A marking gauge is used in woodwork and metalwork. A marking gauge is used to highlight or plan out lines that will be cut along. It is also called a Mortise gauge.

What is a whessoe gauge use for on ship?

They are used for measuring the depth of ullage space in an oil tank.

What is the main purpose of using a pressure gauge?

To measure pressure

What is the purpose of pirani gauge?

it is used to measure the accurate pressure

What is the purpose of a strain gauge?

to measure the strain of a particular component

What is the primary purpose of wringing gauge blocks?

to remove air

What is the purpose of a feeler gauge?

to measure spark plug gap

What information can be found on a special purpose map?

Altitude and depth Topographical

How is depth measured in the ocean?

The depth in the ocean is measured by sounding using echo-sounders. Nowadays satellites are also used for this purpose.

What the different parts of vernier caliper?

Internal and external jaws. Locking screw. Scale. Depth gauge.

Does absolute pressure in a liquid of constant density double when the depth is doubled?

No, it does not. (absolute pressure) = (Pressure Gauge) - (Atmospheric pressure) ==> (Pabs) = (density of liquid)(gravity)(depth or height) - (Patm) As you can see, atmospheric pressure is independent of the height/depth. The atmospheric pressure will not double, restricting absolute pressure from doubling. However, the Gauge Pressure will double.

How do you measure one sheet of paper?

A screw gauge is used for this purpose.

What would be a purpose for doing a full depth repair?

slabs have been shattered

Can a metal detector detect wire in concrete?

Depending on the strength of the detector and the depth of the concrete and finally the gauge of the wire