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He/she will not be able to compete in the sport again ever!

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Q: What is the punishment for doping in sport?
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What is the performance called when taking drugs for sport?


Which governing body is involved in promoting and regulating anti-doping in sport?

To be honest it is called The National Doping Agency.

What sport benefit from blood doping?

Distance running has been notorious for its epo blood doping scandals in recent years.

What is doping correlation?

'Doping' is the word used in sport when athletes use prohibited substances or methods to unfairly improve their sporting performance.

What is the penalty for blood doping in sport?

athletes caught blood doping can be disqualified from their events and/ or stripped of any medals/records earned whilst on drugs

What does WADA stands for?

In relation to sport, WADA stands for the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The name of the world body that is promoting 'drug free sport' at all international events?

The World Anti-Doping Agency is the agency that promotes 'drug free sport' at international sporting events. It is an independent body that promotes and monitors the fight against doping in all sports.

What country's track and field were banned from the 2016 Rio Olympic games?

Russia, due to a sport doping scandle

What kinds of events would benefit most by blood doping?

any sport that would require alot of strenuous activity.

What is the effect of doping on depletion region?

increases with doping

How does blood doping improve performance?

How does blood doping improve performance

What is the biasing requirement of the junctions of a transistor for its normal operation?

light doping for the base,high doping for emitter and intermediate doping for collector

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