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Q: What is the professional baseball record for home runs hit on consecutivre pitchs?
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A professional record keeper?

A professional record keeper is called a scribe.

Who was site of the first pro baseball game in 1846?

There is no record of any professional baseball game played in 1846. The earliest records of baseball began in 1876 with the establishment of the National League.

Professional record keeper?

#1.Semiarid#2.floodplain#3.Bronze#4.scribe A scribe is a professional record keeper

What was Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson's fight record?

Muhammad Ali had a professional record of 56-5. Tyson's record in his professional career was 50-6 with 2 no contests.

Professional writers and record keepers?


What is the definition of scribe?

A Professional writer or a record keeper

What professional boxer has had a perfect record?

Rocky Marciano

What professional baseball team had the highest ERA in baseball history?

the 1930 Philadelphia Phillies had a combined team ERA of 6.71. the team's overall record was 52-102. the 2nd highest team era was by the 1996 Detroit Tigers who had an ERA of 6.38 and a record of 53-109

What is the most points ever in a baseball game?

The most points ever recorded in a professional baseball game is 36. The record was set on June 29, 1987, when the Chicago Colts played the Louisville Colonels.

Who is the professional baseball player who broke Roger Maris' single season home run record while playing for the franchise lacated in Missouri?

Mark McGwire

Which team has the best record in baseball?

The best team in baseball with a record was the 2001 Mariners

Who holds the professional baseball record for most home runs in a career?

In Major League Baseball, it is Barry Bonds with 762. However his record has been questioned because of his alleged steroid use. The current second place home run hitter is Henry "Hank" Aaron with 755.

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