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Upon winning the English premiership title, the club is awarded in the region of 14-15million pounds.

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Q: What is the prize money in the English premier league?
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What is the Prize money for English Premier League?

14-15million pounds

How much is the Prize Money for English Premier League Winner2012?

30 pounds

How much is the prize money for English premier league winner in 2012?

a lot

How much is winning the English bacrays premier league cup worth?

The prize money for winning the Premier League is £17m I believe.

How much is the prize money for English premier league second and third place teams?

85 million

How much is the prize money for Scottish premier league winner?


What is the prize money of Indian Premier League cricket winner?

6 crore

How much prize money did Manchester united receive for winning the premier league 2009?


What is the prize for barclays premier league?

* A trophy.

Is there a league table for premier league season ticket prices?

Yes. But no prize for the winners

How much is the prize money for English Premier League Winner?

Prize Money for the 2009/2010 Premier League Season.Chelsea - £16,000,000 (WINNERS)Manchester United - £15,200,000Arsenal - £14,400,000Totenham Hotspur - £13,600,000Manchester City - £12,800,000Aston Villa - £12,000,000Liverpool - £11,200,000Everton - £10,400,000Birmingham - £9,600,000Blackburn - £8,800,000Stoke - £8,000,000Fulham - £7,200,000Sunderland - £6,400,000Bolton - £5,600,000Wolves - £4,800,000Wigan - £4,000,000West Ham - £3,200,000Burnley - £2,400,000Hull - £1,600,000Portsmouth - £800,000The 2009/2010 Premier League season saw a rise of around 5% with regards to how much each club will earn for their final position in the league table. Chelsea will receive a huge £16 million in prize money for winning the Premiership title and each club below them will receive £800,000 less than the club above them.

Is FA Cup more valuable than Barclay's Premier League?

No. The Premier League is far more valuable, directly and indirectly. Along with prize money there are other elements to the earnings like TV rights, advertising and the potential to earn more by qualifying for the Champions League.

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