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The Purse.

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Q: What is the prize money in horse racing called?
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What does the purse mean in horse racing?

The "purse" refers to the prize money that is awarded.

What horse event has the most prize money?

I'd have to say horse racing, if you're a good enough jockey to win.

What is the highest prize money in Horse Racing?

The Dubai World Cup Sponsored by Emirates is the richest Horse Race in the world. With a purse of US$6 Million it is clearly the biggest.

What prize money do you get in the drag racing industry?

They make around $5,000.00 a race.

What is another name for a prize in horse racing?

They some time refer to First Place as a "Run for the Roses".

The highest stakes earner in Australasian thoroughbred racing is a mare called sunline how much prize money had she won before retiring in 2002?


What was the riches horse race called?

The Dubai World Cup sponsored by Emirates contains the highest prize money, which is $6 million.

What is the definition of a Horse Racing Purse?

The 'purse' in horse racing is the cash prize won by the owner. The racing purse is usually paid to the first five finishers; 50% is paid to the winner, 25% for place, 12% for third, 8% for fourth, and 5% for fifth.

What is the name for poker prize money?

Prize money if you are asking about a tournament, in regular play it is called the pot.

What is the prize money in boxing called?

The purse

How is prize money in Nascar racing determined?

Sponsors put up money, then it is divided according to how a team finishes. Obviously the winner gets the most.

Famous equestrian person?

John Whitaker who was a showjumper who rode a horse called Milton who won approx 1 million pounds in prize money! xx

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