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Q: What is the prize money at the us open golf tournament 2008 at Torrey Pines?
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Does the winner of a golf tournament receive the prize money immediately or sometime after the tournament ends?

The Golfer receives the prize after the tournament ends.

Prize money for masters golf tournament?


What is the name for poker prize money?

Prize money if you are asking about a tournament, in regular play it is called the pot.

In a poker tournament what is it called when guaranteed prize money?

Typically a tournament that has guaranteed prize money states that there is a guaranteed prize pool and often go on to say how much. For example: Guaranteed prize pool of $250,000. This means no matter what they take in for buyins, this much will be reserved for the prize money. The rest will go to costs of hosting the tournament be online or in a casino.

What is the prize money for the 2012 masters golf tournament?


If amateur golfer wins tournament who gets prize money?

Highest placing professional wins the amateurs prize money.

Where does the prize money for the masters golf tournament come from?

television contracts

What is the prize money for the 2008 US golf tournament?

7 million

What was the prize for the first two-man beach volleyball tournament?

In 1947, the first official two-man Beach Volleyball tournament is held at Will Rogers State Beach, California. There wasn't any prize money. In 1948, the first prize money was given out at a tournament held in Los Angeles, California. The prize was a case of Pepsi.

How much money do competitive Scrabble players make?

It depends on the prize money that they win from the tournament.

How much money does the winner of queens tennis tournament singles get?

Prize money £640,000 (€750,000)

What is the breakdown of the prize money of the US Open Golf Tournament?

To see a breakdown of the US PGA prize money, see the related link.

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