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Ticket prices just went up again this season, but regardless, it depends on whether or not you're a season ticket holder or not.

If you are, prices range from around $100/seat (lower end zone) to around $200 and up for sideline and club level seating. Nose bleed seats are under $100.

However, if you're NOT a season ticket holder, you're subject to the whim of available gameday ticket prices, and that's determined by who's playing the Ravens at home.

For example, for popular teams or key rivalry games (Steelers, Cowboys, etc.), ticket prices automatically go up. Cowboys tickets were going for $500/seat for $100 seats; for the Steelers games, usually around $300 for a $100 seat.

Prices are also gauged by how the Ravens are playing, as well as the record of the other team. If it's a key matchup, the sky's the limit; if it's just another regular team passing through with a marginal record, prices won't be as high.

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Q: What is the price range for Baltimore Ravens tickets?
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