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Multi-signed baseballs will bring a higher value with a theme. For example: Team signed baseballs, HOF baseballs, 500 Home Run Club, 3000 hits, 300 wins etc.. Multi signed baseballswith random ballplayers of different teams or popularity will bring the lowest price.

Depending on the signatures. In most cases a single signed Baseball of a "Noted Player" will be worth more than a multi signed baseball that features the same "Noted player".

Using Mickey Mantle as an example of a "Noted Player" vs. an actual Multi signed baseball that sold at auction, and included Mickey Mantle's signature on it.

In two separate auctions a baseball with three Hall of fame players, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, and Duke Snider Multi-Signed Baseball (NY center Fielders) very desired Willie Mickey and the Duke baseball sold for only $334. and $448. For the most part less than a Mickey Mantle single signed baseball which has a value of about $400.-$800.

Value is based on the price collectors pay for an Item. There are more collectors of Mickey Mantle memorabilia, and his signature is more sought after than the other two HOF'ers on this baseball. You have to treat this as two separate items. A Mickey Mantle single signed baseball, and a Mickey Mantle Multi signed baseball. There are less collectors of Hall of Fame multi signed signatures, than collectors of a Mickey Mantle signature. Therefor a Mickey Mantle Signed baseball will sell at a higher price.

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Q: What is the price of multiple autographs on baseball?
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