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The price for floor tickets to a Los Angeles Lakers game is 175 dollars per person.

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Q: What is the price for floor tickets to a Los Angeles Lakers game?
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How much are Los Angeles Lakers season tickets?

The price for Los Angeles Lakers Season tickets are $100 per seat.

Where can one purchase Lakers tickets for an affordable price?

There are a number of websites that offer discounted Lakers tickets. Some of these websites include cheaptickets, seatgeek, bargainseatsonline, and cheaplakerstickets.

Can Lakers season tickets be purchased from the Lakers fan website?

Yes, you can purchase Lakers season tickets through a link vie their fan site. You will see the link on the left side of the main page. The tickets have a wide range of price, depending on the seats.

What is the price of main floor tickets to the Jo lo concert in Miami?

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What was the price of the first Super Bowl tickets?

The face value for tickets for the NFL-AFL Championship Game played in the Los Angeles Olympic Coloseum went for the exorbitant price of $10. And this was the only game in the series that did not sell out.

Do any travel packages to Los Angeles, California include gameshow tickets?

You can get the tickets for free once you know when you are going you can write for tickets, by sending a S.A.S.E. to: TICKETS - "The Price is Right" CBS Television City. 7800 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036 but a travel agent could include them in a package if you ask.

How much do Los Angeles lakers luxury suites costs?

Avg. Price $1,500 to $10,00 Per Game Through Private Suite Network. @SuiteNetwork

What is the owner of the Lakers famous for?

According to Wikipedia, he owns a lot more than just the Lakers and he is a high-stakes poker player. "He purchased the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA along with the Los Angeles Kings hockey team of the NHL, The Forum, and a large ranch from Jack Kent Cooke in 1979. The purchase price, $67.5 million, made it the largest transaction in sports history at that time." See the link below for more info about him.

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