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Q: What is the prettiest div 1 football stadium?
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Why is the SEC the best conference in NCAA div 1 football?

It isn't

What is the date of 2009 div 1 football playoff final?

Sunday 24 May

Is Hawaii a Div 1 football team?

Yes, a 1-A team that plays in the Western Athletic Conference.

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What is the history of UM football vs UF football?

Michigan won their only div.1a major college meeting at the Outback Bowl on 1-1-03 by a score of 38 to 30.

What are the Louisiana ncaa div 1 AA football teams?

Grambling, McNeese State, Nicholls State, Northwestern State, and Southern.

How many NCAA Div 1a College football coaches have won more than 1 national championship?

2 nick and urban

How many div 1 colleges are there in the US?

There are currently 119 colleges classified as Div 1

What does division mean in track?

divisions are how good you are div.1 slow div.2 intermediate div.3 fast

What record was created when welsh international roy clarke joined Manchester city football club in 1947?

Roy Clarke became the first footballer to play a game in each top 3 divisions in England (Div 1, 2 and 3) in the space of just 3 months when he joined Manchester City in June 1947. ( City were in Div 2 at the time and promoted to Div 1 that year when he signed from Cardiff City who were in Div 3)

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Can you get a partial scholarship to a div 1 football?

Yes, usually the only two sports that offer full ride scholarships to all of their lettermen are football and basketball. The rest usually have athletes on partial scholarships.