What is the pot by sensei?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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well I suppose it is just steam representing the belts

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Q: What is the pot by sensei?
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How do you login as sensei?

sensei password is sensei

Who was Naruto's first sensei?

Iruka Sensei was narutos school sensei and Kakashi Sensei was narutos Team sensei. iruka was his school sensei. then as a new genin his sensei was kakashi hatake. and then he trains with jiraiya (the toad sage and his godfather and a sannin) for 2.5 years and they leave the village and go somewhere. and i dont know if naruto gets another sensei after jiraiya dies

What is sensei's real username?


What is sensei's email?

What comes out of the pot next to the sensei in cp?

Well, just steam I guess. The pots colors is suppost to represent what color belt your on, or the elements of fire, water, or snow!

What is clubpenguin sensei id?

Sensei is his ID

What does sensei measns?

sensei means teacher

How do you challenge Sensei on club penguin?

got to dogo click sensei then press challenge sensei

Who is the fire sensei on CP?

The fire sensei is just Sensei from the regular Dojo but wearing a fire suit.

What is the duration of Kikansha Sensei?

The duration of Kikansha Sensei is 2.05 hours.

What part of speech is in the word sensei?

Sensei is a noun.

Where does a sensei teach?

a sensei is known as a teacher who teachs you