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There is no position that is abbreviated to "TG", but maybe you misinterpreted it for "T/G" which means a player plays the Tackle AND Guard positions.

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Q: What is the position tg in American football?
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In what sport does line backer used in?

A linebacker is a player in American Football

What is a line backer?

Line Backer is an American football position. It is a defensive position.

What does k mean in football?

In American football it could be the position of the player called the kicker.

If you're wide out what sport and position are you playing?

American Football

What American football position can you be?

Any one that you're good at!

What position does QB stand for in American football?

quarter back

What is position k in American football?

k=kicker p=punter

Which position scores the most points in American football?

kicker lol

Does soccer have a quarterback?

No. The quarterback is a position in American (NFL-style) Football.

What does the position S stand for in football?

In American football, 'S' is a safety. In association football, 'S' may be used for striker.

What is a running back in baseball?

There is no such position in baseball. The running back position is used in American football.

If you're a wideout what sport and position are you playing?

You are a receiver playing American football.

What does all American mean in college football?

It mean to be the best player at your position

What does under center mean in football?

In American football, that is when the quarterback is directly behind the center with his hands in position to take the snap.

Can i weigh 175 lbs and still catch a football?

Which American Football position would suit me best i weigh 175lbs

What position he shoud play 22 American football?

22 is normaliy worn by a runningback

What American football position should I play at 5'10 tall and 200lbs?

Running Back

What is the football position ks?

the football position ks is Kicker

When was .tg created?

.tg was created in 1996.

What is American Norv Turner famous for?

Norv Turner is an American football professional coach, he is famous for coaching in the National Football League with the Cleveland Browns in the position of their offensive coordinator.

What is a FS?

In American Football, 'FS' stands for Free Safety. Free safety is a position on defense.

What is the Tg for PVC?

Tg of PVC is about 85°C.

Is football American or is soccer American?

football is american

When was TG Now created?

TG Now was created in 2004.

What position in football is an ROV?

In American football, a "rover" is a defensive player who "roves" from linebacker to defensive back, or roves from cornerback to safety in the defensive bakefield. The rover has no fixed position. The abbreviation ROV stands for ROVER.