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The position is called 'holder'. Usually teams use their punter or back-up quarterback for the role, somebody who has time to hang around with the kicker on the sideline and help them warm up.

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Q: What is the position called when you hold the ball for the kicker on field goals?
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Which player kicks field goals?

the kicker

What player attempts field goals?

The kicker.

Who kicks field goals?

a feild goal kicker

Which field goals are easier to block a short one or a long one?

Long field goals. for short field goals, the kicker can get more height on the kick to avoid being blocked, but for longer field goals, the kicker has to sacrifice the height of the kick for the distance. thus, the longer field goals tend to fly lower and have a better chance of being blocked.

Who is the worst kicker in the NFL?

Mason Crosby is the worst kicker in the NFL. He has never had a season with at least an 80% on his field goals.

What kicker kicked the most game winning field goals?

-Adam Vinatieri has a total of about 26 game winning field goals(including the postseason.)

Which kicker had the most career field goals in the NFL?

Morten Andersen -- 565

Does a college kicker use a kicking tee for field goals?

A college kicker uses a one inch block (which has a flat surface and is just used to get the ball higher off the ground) to kick extra points and field goals, but the ball stila has to be held by another player. A kicker does use a tee for kickoffs.

Is a position for holding for field goals and extra point?

The Position is Called the "Holder". The Punter or Backup QB is usually the Holder.

Who was the Best NFL kicker ever?

Adam Vinatieri. He's got a good percentage on his field goals, 4 super bowl rings, 6 super bowl appearances, and he has kick dozens of game winning field goals including the last second field goals in all 3 of the New England Patriots' super bowls, he's basically amazing at clutch situations. He's the greatest clutch kicker and NFL kicker ever because of all he has done.

Which jets kicker missed two field goals in the final minutes of 2004 playoffs?

Doug Brien

Who was the eagles kicker in 1996?

That was Gary Anderson. He scored 115 points on 40 PATs and 25 field goals in 1996. Anderson was the Eagles kicker in the 1995 and 1996 seasons.

What is the NCAA Division 1-A football record for consecutive field goals made without a miss by a freshman place kicker?

Nate Kaeding for Iowa Hawkeyes kicked thirty consecutive field Goals

Who was the field goal kicker for Dallas cowboys in 2006?

The Cowboys used veteran kicker Mike Vanderjagt until November 27, when they signed veteran Martin Gramatica to replace him. Vanderjagt had made only 13 of 18 field goals.

Who was the eagles kicker in 1979?

The Eagles place kicker in 1979 was Tony Franklin. He made 23 of 31 field goals and 36 of 39 PATs for a total of 105 points in the 1979 season. He was the Eagles place kicker from 1979-1983.

How do you block field goals in Madden?

start running at the LOS and when they snap the ball run for the field goal kicker. On some madden games no matter what you do you can't block a field goal.

What kicker has missed the most field goals in one super bowl?

The record is for missed field goals in a Super Bowl is 3 by Efren Herrera of the Cowboys in Super Bowl XII.

Who was the Packers kicker in Super Bowl XXXI?

Chris Jacke, he scored three field goals in Super Bowl XXXI.

Was dan marino ever the holder on field goals?

Yes, Marino was the holder for former Dolphin kicker Ray Finkle.

In a 16 game season which NFL kicker has the most missed field goals by hitting the goal post?

Doug Brien

Who kicks the extra point in football?

the kicker most of the time unless they have someone else that can kick good field goals

Does a high school kicker use a kicking tee for field goals?

A kicker in high school is allowed the use of the standard 1in. kicking tee. It will help give the kicker the height he needs for the points to be good. But in college and the NFL, tees can't be used, so a high school kicker will have to adapt to the change.

WHo was the last straight on kicker in the NFL?

Mark Moseley was the last starting placekicker who was a straight on kicker. Steve Cox, who kicked off, punted , and kicked very long field goals was the last of any kind.

Who was the kicker for the chiefs in Super Bowl 1967?

Jan Stenerud was the Kicker for the Chiefs in the Super Bowl 1967. He was born on November 26, 1942 in Fetsund, Norway and went to college at Montana State University. He made 21 field goal in the season of 1967 with 373 career field goals.

What NFL kicker has the longest field goals in a Super Bowl?

Steve Christie kicked a 54 yard field goal for the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVIII against the Dallas Cowboys.

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