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short stop is dirctly behind the keeper, but a bit further back is long stop also toward the batsmens legs is fine leg and deep fine leg (closer to the boundary) and on the off side you have deep gully and third man (which is closer to the rope)

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Other than the wicketkeeper, there is a place at the boundary behind the stumps called 'long stop'.

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Q: What is the position behind the wicketkeeper?
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Can wicketkeeper stand at third slip?

No he should stand behind the stumps.

What sport uses the terminology third man?

In cricket the term 'third man' refers to a fielding position. Third man fields behind the wicketkeeper on the off-side.

Is mahindra singh dhoni a wicketkeeper or a bowler?


Who is the wicketkeeper for the Australian cricket team?

The main Australian wicketkeeper is Brad Haddin. The back-up 'keeper is Tim Paine.

Best wicketkeeper in the world?

Adam Gilchrist

Is 12th man may be wicketkeeper?


What is the term used in cricket for the person who remains behind the wickets?

A person directly behind the stumps (wicket is fairly ambiguous in cricket use) is normally defined as a wicketkeeper, even if they are not wearing any of the equipment or acting in the usual manner of one.

Who is England's wicketkeeper in test matches?

Matt Prior

Who is the best wicketkeeper in the world?

At the Moment Mark Boucher or Kumar Sangakarra

Who currently holds the women's cricket wicketkeeping record?

Sarah Taylor, England wicketkeeper, is currently the world's leading wicketkeeper and the keepers from other countries look and aspire to be as good as her although they are not far off

How many players play in field of cricket at a time?

11 players from one team on the playing field at any one time. 1 Bowler, 1 wicketkeeper and the others are 'fielders' however you can include the wicketkeeper as a fielding position therefore there are 10 fielders and 1 bowler at a time

Which wicketkeeper took the most number of catches and stumpings in a match?

Adam Gilchrist