What is the poisoned pawn in chess?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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A poisoned pawn is one which is left out in the open as a target for an opponent's piece in order to lure that opponent into capturing what looks like an easy capture. But it is a trap that has many many uses. Say an opponent has a piece that is guarding a square you want to go to in order to checkmate the king. The pawn is moved to a square where it can be taken by that protecting piece. If the opponent goes for that pawn it moves to a spot where it no longer guards the spot you want. You then move to the now unprotected square and checkmate the king. So the opponent gobbled up an insignificant pawn only to be poisoned by the lack of protection. Actually, any piece can be used as a poisoned piece if used properly in the right game situation.

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Q: What is the poisoned pawn in chess?
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What is the meaning of poisoned pawn in chess?

When the game originated one pawn was coated in arsenic at the beginning of a match. Then at the end the loser of the match had to pick a pawn to lick. if they chose the "poisoned pawn" they would die. NOTE: The above is an entertaining lie. The Poisoned Pawn is a move in which a pawn is used as bait in order to gain an advantage, such as freeing a guarded square to secure a checkmate or to capture a menacing piece. Basically, it is tempting your opponent with an insignifigant sacrifice to swoop in for a move that needed the opponant's piece out of the way in order to perform, and putting a pawn out in the open and having the opponant take it performs that role nicely.

Can you surrender a pond in chess?

You can sacrifice a pawn but the rules do not allow for a player to surrender a pawn . The pawn must be captured in accordance to the rules of chess .

What will you get when pawn goes to kings place in chess?

The Pawn can then be promoted to any chess piece other than the King .

When promoting a pawn to a bishop in chess what color does it become?

When promoting a pawn in chess, it stays the same color it was to start with.

What can a pawn take out in chess?

A pawn can take any oponents piece

Chess piece or someone wrongly used by others?

A pawn

Where can you find pawn?

In a game of chess.

What is it called for a pawn to be by itself in chess?

A pawn by itself with no other pawn on its side to move up to protect it is called an isolated pawn.

Whats the smallest piece in chess?

The pawn.

What is a chess piece that rhymes with lawn?


Term for a token in the game of chess?

For A+ : Pawn

What has the author David H Levin written?

David H. Levin has written: 'Position and pawn tension in chess' -- subject(s): Pawn (Chess)