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The most westerly point in Canada is the Alaska-Yukon border.

The most easterly point in Canada is Newfoundland's Cape Spear.

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Q: What is the point the most west of Canada called?
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What is the most western point of Canada?

The most westerly part of Canada is the southernmost point on that part of the Yukon-Alaska border which runs along 141º west longitude.

How long is Canada from east to west?

Canada is close to 3000km across, that is a rough approximation ============================================== No. It's not even close. According to the Atlas of Canada, the distance east to west from the most easterly point in Canada (Cape Spear) to the most westerly point (141º West Longitude, the Yukon - Alaska boundary) is 5,514 kilometres.

How many kilometers is the distance across Canada at the widest point from west to east?

The widest point from east to west in Canada is 5,514 kilometers.

What is the most west point of England called?

It´s called Land´s End ^_^

Where is Canada's most western spot?

The most westerly part of Canada is the southernmost point on that part of the 141st meridian west longitude that forms the boundary between Yukon and Alaska.

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What is Canada west now called?

Canada west is also known as Western Canada and the western provinces. This is the result of the attempt to reject from the culture.

How far is Canada from east to west?

That would depend on the starting point and the destination, but the most common answer is about 3,000 miles.

Is the navy academy in Annapolis MD also called west point?

No. The United States Military Academy in West Point, NY is West Point.

What is the mountain range in the west of Canada called?

its called the rocky mountains.

Is West Virginia closer to Canada or Africa?

West Virginia is most likely to be closer to Canada if Google maps is correct.

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Chapel of the Most Holy Trinity - West Point - was created in 1900.

What is Canada's largest shopping mall called?

it is called west Edmonton mall

What is a west point rookie called?


What city in canada is located 51 degrees north latitude and 0 degrees west?

No point in Canada has a longitude of zero.

What place in Canada did the most Ukrainians settle?

the west

What is the caoital of Greenland?

The capital city of Greenland is Nuuk. It was formerly known as Godthaab and is located at the South West sector of the island on the West Coast facing Canada about 200 miles from the Southern most point.

Most southern point in USA?

Key West, FL has the most southern point in the continental US but the most southern point in the US is located in Hawaii on the big island. The town is called Ka Lae. Rose Atoll, American Samoa is the southern most point in the US

How wide is NJ?

It is approx 120 kilometres from East-most point to West-most point.

How wide is Canada from east to west?

The widest point from east to west in Canada is 5,514 kilometers. This is measured from the eastern tip of Newfoundland and Labrador to the far western side of the Yukon Territory, where Canada borders the state of Alaska.

Where are most minerals found in Canada?

in north-west territories bud :)

Why there is difference of 2 hrs between the eastern most point to the western most point of your country?

this depends on the country that you live in : in Canada from East to West is 4 1/2 hours, in the USA it is 3 hours, most countries in Europe have the same time zone.

What was Ontario called before 1867?

Before 1867 Ontario was called Canada West

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