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World Series: series n. (pl. same) 1 number of similar or related things, events, etc.; succession, row, or set. 2 set of related but individual

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Q: What is the plural of World Series?
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What is the plural word for series?

The plural form of series is series.

Is there a plural for series?

The plural for series and the singular for series are the same - simply "series."

What is the plural of the word series?

The plural of series is series

What is the plural form of the word series?

The plural for series remains series. You can have one series, or many series.

Is series singular or plural?

The noun series is spelled the same for the singular and plural; one series, two series.

What is the plural form for series?

There is no plural form it is just series.

What is the plural form of series?

the plural noun of series is the same ,no change

What is the plural of series?


What is the plural series?


Plural word for series?

Series is both singular and plural.

Series used with singular or plural verb?

It depends on whether you are using the word series (pl series) in the singular or plural, e.g. there were ten series (plural) of 'Friends'; I enjoyed series one (singular) the most

Is the word series singular or plural?

Series means a collection of books, events, etc. so it is plural automatically.

What form of verb should be used after a series?

Depending on the context it could singular or plural, e.g.The World Series has been the annual championship series of the highest level of professional baseball in the United States and Canada since 1903 - singular.27 World Series have been won by the New York Yankees - plural

How do you spell the plural form of series?

Series is plural, though often times used to describe what is thought of a singular event.

What is the irregular plural noun for series?

The noun 'series' is the plural form of an uncountable (mass) noun. singular: A series of playoffs took place before the tournament. plural: He has published three series of adventure novels, each with a different hero.

How do you use the word series as in the red and green series Is there an apostrophe?

Series is a noun that has the same form in the singular and the plural. There is no need for an apostrophe, unless it is in the possessive case: series's for the singular possessive and series' for the plural possessive.

What is the plural of world?

The plural of world is worlds.

What is the plural for series?

it's the same

Plural form of series?

its the same in plural or noun it does not change

What is the plural form of world?

The plural form of world is worlds.

How do you put the word series in plural?

The form 'series' is both singular and plural; for example: I've scheduled the week off from work to attend the series of chess tournaments. I have all five series of prints and I'll subscribe for the new one when it's available.

What words are there that are used as a plural and single?

species, series

Is word war singular or plural?

World War is singular. World Wars is plural.

Why is deer the plural for deer?

Because fish is the plural for fish and moose is the plural for moose... Why is series the plural for series? Because sheep is sheep's plural and the plural of species is species.... All languages have their oddities, and I guess this is one of them. I find it funny when my little sister (4) always calls sheep (plural) 'sheeps'. There is a handy site in the links bar below this which will look at plurals in words a little more closely. Hope I helped!

Is world plural or singular?

World is singular; worlds is plural.