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Let's assume the question is about the playing area of a Baseball game. The area is often referred to as a "diamond," inspired by the diamond shape of the infield as viewed from behind home plate. Other terms include "ballpark" or just "park," "ball yard," and simply, "ball field."

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Q: What is the playing area of baseball called?
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In hockey the playing area is called?

In hockey the playing area in often referred to as the ice surface

What is the area of the playing inside a baseball diamond?


What is the playing area of soccer called?

A pitch.

What is called rugby ground?

A Rugby Ground normally refers to the playing area, changing rooms and any associated ground area. The playing area is called a rugby pitch

What is the area of the playing space inside a baseball diamond?


What is the infield playing surface called in baseball?


What is a baseball playground called?

A playing field or a diamond.

What is the cricket playing area called?

It is called a cricket ground. The center rectangular area where the batsmen play is called the pitch and the surrounding ares are called the outfield.

What is the area where baseball players sit and wait to play a game called called?

It is called DUGOUT!

What is the raised pitching area called?

If you are referring to baseball, the raised area is known as the pitcher's mound.

What is the playing area in modern fencing called?

It is called a Strip, or a Piste, in French, the official language of fencing.

What is the name of the area that baseball players run on in the infield?

This called the basepath.

Playing area of hockey?

The playing area of hockey is called the pitch. It is normally a set size - 91.4 m × 55 m which is 100.0 yd × 60 yd.

What does baseball mean?

Well, I think they called baseball, because for base.... their are bases in the game, and for ....ball, their playing with a ball.

What is the playing area in modern fencing known as?

The long rectangular strip is called a piste.

What is the area called on a baseball field directly ahead of the pitcher?

Dead centre

What is the area between the three bases and home plate called in baseball?

The Infield

If your playing baseball and you hit the ball behind third base what is it called?

A foul ball

History and difference between baseball and softball?

history and difference of baseball and softball?-their equipment,-playing area,-terminologies,-skills in softball,-rules of the game softball and baseball?

What is the game called when someone hits a ball with a bat and runs from base to base?

baseball if men are playing, softball if women are playing

How do you get a job playing baseball in Major League Baseball?

Be really good at playing baseball

What is the place called where rugby is played?

Stadium or on a rugby pitch. The pitch will refer directly to the playing area

What sports uses sidelines to mark the playing area?

Sports that uses sidelines are baseball, criket, football, soccer and more.

What is the playing area for netball?

the playing area for netball is a court :P

What is the song called that is playing during the baseball scene of twilight?

super massive black hole by muse (: