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what is the pitching distance for ten and under softball?

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Q: What is the pitching distance in girls softball 10 yrs under in Cal Ripken league?
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What is the pitching distance of a pitching rubber to home plate in little league 13 and Under for Softball?

The distance from home plate to the pitcher's rubber is 46 feet.

Can a little league junior softball pitcher complete a continued game and then pitch the next day?

yes, there are no rules/regulations for pitching in softball. that's just baseball.

Distance from pitchers mound to home plate in softball?

It varys, I play in a 12u league and we pitch from 40 feet but I'm sure in higher league(high school, college, etc.) they pitching mounds will be further away

When was National Softball League created?

National Softball League was created in 2009.

What is the Distance of a pitching rubber in farm league?

From high school on, it is 60' 6".

What is the pitching distance in bronco?

The pitching distance in Bronco Baseball is 48 feet. Bronco is a division within Pony baseball. Major League Baseball uses a distance of 60 feet, 6 inches.

When was Vienna Girls Softball League created?

Vienna Girls Softball League was created in 1965.

Is a softball pitched at 68 mph the same as a baseball pitched at 98?

No...If the softball was pitched from a distance of 43 feet it is equivalent to a ball thrown just over 95 mph from a distance of 60' 6" which is the pitching distance in major league baseball. If the 68 mph pitch was thrown from 40 feet then it is equal to a 102 plus mph pitch at 60 feet 6 inches. Because speed is the relevance of time and distance then a ball thrown from 2 different distances and takes the same amount of time to travel each distance means the further of which will have to travel faster to cover more distance.

What is the difference between Major League Baseball and major league softball?

A baseball is smaller and harder than a softball.

What year was the first Cal Ripken league baseball game played?

The league was formed in 2005.

What is the distance of a pitching rubber to home plate in little league?

7U and 10U - 35ft.

Bronco pitching distance?

In Pony League, the distance from the rubber to the back of home plate is 54 feet. In Little League it is 46 feet and in high school (as well as college & pro) it is 60' 6".