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Q: What is the phrase a contest involving ten tests of skill?
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What was the 5 tests of strength and skill in the ancient Olympics?

the answer to your question is Pentathlon that is the name of the 5 test of strength and skill.

What is a musical composition which tests the players skill called?


What is testing involving both ears?

Testing involving both ears is bilateral or binaural. Often, hearing tests are done with one ear at a time.

Why you need to improve your listening skill?

so you can get a good grade and pass tests

Five tests of strength and skill?

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sample tests for CNA,both knowledge and skill? can provide this information to you.

Is a multiple choice type of test to determine learning of manipulative skill like focusing a microscope?

Multiple choice tests are not considered to determine learning of a manipulative skill. The correct answer could be chosen by guessing and not by skill.

Why are placebos not normally used in drug tests involving patients?

Placebos are often used in drug tests involving patients.Sometimes they are not used because of the test design (comparing against other treatments) or because of the seriousness of the condition, where a complete lack of treatment would be considered unethical.

What is meant by the phrase 'total battery of tests'?

A "Battery of Tests" is a term that refers to a greater than normal health related testings for a specific problem.

What is the name given to the set of 5 tests of strength and skill?

It is called Pentathlon. It is consist of 5 sports event.

How do you improve quality of semen in patients?

Careful fermenting and regular taste tests over decades by someone with the skill, patience, and passion.

What is brain measures?

brainmeasures is an online skill testing and certification company with over 700 assessment tests on varied subjects which range from computers to English language to IQ tests. visit for more information