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Q: What is the phone number for the ticket office at Dodger Stadium?
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What is the phone number of ticket office at wankhede stadium?

22898800 22854444

What is the phone number of the ticket office at Joe Robbie Stadium?

For Marlins tickets, 1-877-627-5467. For Dolphins tickets, 1-888-346-7849.

You bought 2 field box tickets today at costco but you dont know how to redeem them they are for a dodger game and you were wondering if anyone out there has encountered this situation?

You have to go to the Dodger stadium Will Call or ticket office to redeem them. It can be done the day that you go, but you run the risk of not having enough tickets left for everyone to sit together or getting less than desirable seats. Hope you have a good time at the game!

Where could one find the Dodger's schedule?

The Los Angeles Dodger's schedule can be found on their official website. One can also find the schedule at Ticket Masters, Vivid Seats, and Ticket Liquidator.

Can you buy Tickets at the Sun Life Stadium for a Dolphins game at the gameday or do you have to buy them in advance?

Yes, they have a ticket office located at the stadium. It opens three hours before game time.

Where can one buy Seattle Seahawks tickets?

Seattle Seahawk tickets can be purchased from the official Seahawks webpage, or directly from the ticket office at the stadium. Avoid ticket touts and watch out for fakes.

Is there a food court at dodger stadium on the top deck that has subway?

No, there isn't. They don't serve Subway at Dodger Stadium. Last year, they were selling sub sandwiches. They stopped this year. however, they do have a small selection at Canter's. You can find one on the third baseline side, by section 45 on the field. Or you can check an issue of the Dodgers' magazine to see if they have one on the reserve level. If you have a top deck ticket, the lowest level you can go for food is the reserve level.

How do you say ticket office in French?

Le guichet is the ticket office or box office in French.

Where can one purchase concert ticket for concerts at the Commerica Park stadium?

You can purchase some from the official Ticketmaster website, StubHub (an authorized ticket re-seller which is owned by eBay), and you can also get them from the Comerica Park box office.

What do you call an office that sells tickets?

You would call it a ticket office or a ticket broker.

What is 1977 World Series games 3 4 an5 full dodger tickets?

1977 Los Angeles Dodgers World Series TicketsA 1977 Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Full ticket played at Dodger Stadium (games 3, 4, & 5) is worth about $85. - $150. A ticket stub sells for about $40.- $70. Condition is important. The slightest flaws could bring the price down significantly. Common flaws include; rips, creases, stains, and fading. Ticket stubs that are not ripped cleanly will also sell for less.

What do call an office that sell tickets?

You would call it a ticket office or a ticket broker.